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Bald Eagle Handcrafted

Impressive Bald Eagle Vase. Carved Metal and Multicolored Bones

Bust of African Woman

Bust of a African Woman Terracotta

Camel Statue

Carved Dromedary Statue reflecting how Medieval transportation of goods did happen in the Desert. Beautiful details on the camel's body gives an oustanding appearance.

Ewer and Basin

  Set of Ewer and Basin used for washing hands. It is composed of Long Ceramic Beak and Tapered Copper. Beautiful Inlaid Bones. Presented to guests to wash their hands before and after meals in Medieval Era

Lion Statue

Impressive Black Lion Statue. Fabulous Hand Carved Sculpture. Posture reflecting Power and Sovereignty

Oriental Man Riding a Horse

A Brave Oriental Man Riding a Horse with a Rifle reflecting Courage after a Hunt

Sahara Hunter on a Camel

A 19th century bronze sculpture reflecting a hunter on a camel in the desert

Woman Statue

A brown steel woman statue reflecting the will of Medieval Woman who remains faithful to her traditions in a beautiful posture